The Importance Of Forest In Our Life!

The Importance Of Forest In Our Life

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Forest plays a major role in our daily lives. They are the reason why animals and human beings are alive. They are the reasons why we can breathe fresh air. They are the reason why we have wooden furniture. They are the reason for everything good and not a single thing bad in our lives.

Hence, from all the different types of forests in the world, it is guaranteed that each and every forest will provide with some or the other goodness of nature. Whether it is your most favourite forest or the most beautiful forests in the world, let’s see what are some of the best advantages and importance of forests in our daily life.

The Importance:

  1. After oceans, forests are said to be the largest storehouses of carbon in the world.
  2. They provide great ecosystem services to human beings.
  3. Protects watersheds and slows down the amount of erosion and chemicals that reaches the waterways.
  4. Forests help with rainfall.
  5. Provides food and shelter to millions and millions of species.
  6. It reduces the effect of natural calamities.
  7. Minimizes all the harmful types of pollution that arises from human made resources.
  8. Serves as a great tourist attraction.
  9. Provides recreation.
  10. It accounts for seventy five percent of the gross primary production of the Earth’s biosphere.
  11. Forests help in blocking wind. 
  12. They purify the air.
  13. They create jobs for people who rely on wood for their livelihood.
  14. Forests helps in providing us natural medicines.
  15. Forests absorb carbon dioxide and pumps out oxygen needed for us to live.

Therefore, now that you know the importance of forests in our daily life, then go ahead and pass on the knowledge to your friends and classmates as well. Pretty sure they would love to hear all the importance of forests in our daily life.  

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