Different Types Of Tribes From All Around The World!

Different Types Of Tribes From All Around The World

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In a world where technology has made a huge impact on our lives, there are still a few groups of people who manages to cut off all the technology to live in these forests. Now life without mobile phones or electricity may seem a little frustrating to us, but for tribes it is normal and they just like their own way of living. It is these forests that have provided them shelter, food and livelihood for years.

It is in the forests that they manage to make their own handicrafts and indulge in their own music and festivals that are completely out of the world. Hence, if you want to know more about the different types of tribes in the world and how are they so different from each other then keep on reading.

The Kalash:

Where we have the most beautiful forests in the world, we also have the most beautiful tribes in the world. These tribes are known as Kalash and are the most beautiful and unusual tribe of white and European looking people who lives in the Chitral District in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. These tribes have blue eyes and blond hair that can almost make you stunned while you make your first eye contact with them.

Other than that they are also considered to be the smallest ethnoreligious group of Pakistan who practices a religion that are distinguished as a form of animism by scholars and the form of ancient Hinduism by academics.

The Piraha:

The Piraha are small and primitive tribes that live in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. These people like to live in the moment and does not like to keep track of anything that they cannot see with their naked eyes. Thus, their language also constitutes some features like no colours or numbers and no past tense subordinate clauses or conjugation. They simply like to live in the moment and so does their language avoids any of the topics that relates with the past and the future.

The Dukha:

As most of us may consider the reindeer as a fancy and elegant creature for Santa, for the Dukha tribes it is their necessity. They rely on these reindeers for transportation, milk, cheese, hunting and attracting the tourists. However, with such dependency on reindeer, some people of Dukha say that their culture will also disappear if the reindeers disappears as reindeers are not just a source of transportation but they are their family as well.


The Kazakhs are a group of Turkic tribe that mainly inhabit the Ural mountains and the northern parts of Central Asia. These people with its ultra rich culture have a close extended family. Out of all the various kinds of traditional rules, one rule is about not tying knots with anyone related within 9 generations. Due to which they always introduce themselves upon meeting with each other. Apart from this they are also worldwide known for their complicated yet fascinating embroidered wall hangings used on yurt walls.

So, these were some of the different types of tribes in the world who are nature centric and nature loving people. They live in the middle of the forest and are very happy with the way the forest treats them with. Hence, apart from tribes if you would like to know more about the importance of forests in our life then head over to the next article. 

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