5 Best National Parks in the World!

5 Best National Parks in the World

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National Parks have a very calming nature in reality. You just go there and you feel all sorts of calmness and stillness in the air. It is so quiet and nice that you actually feel like staying there for a longer period of time. From cute pandas to ferocious tigers, you get to see a wide variety of wildlife animals in National Parks. It is the beauty of national parks that allows you to see such beautiful and adorable animals in reality.

Hence, if you want to meet such animals and also want to know some of the 5 best National Parks in the world, then keep on reading.

1. Grand Canyon National Park:

The view of this National Park is gorgeous and exquisite. It is a place that constantly wows their visitors due to its amazingly beautiful shifting colours, awesome depth and incredibly exotic rock formations. Whether you come here by walking, rafting down the Colorado River or flying in a helicopter, this place is settled to give you and your family the exotic pleasure of life. So, if you’re planning your next visit to the Grand Canyon, then don’t forget to visit Rim Trail and Geological Museum.

2. Glacier National Park:

If you’re a fan of anything cool and snowy then Glacier National Park is the one to go for your next visit to any National Park. Trust me, this place is created by Nature to give you the immense pleasure of picturesque mountains and amazing valleys. Covered at a whopping 1 million-acre of land this national park has the most beautiful forests in the world that will allow you to experience the beauty while hiking in this adventurous land. 

3. Swiss National Park:

Swiss National Park is like your beautiful fairyland kind of a National Park. With 4,760 acres of verdant land, this National Park gives their visitors the access to visit almost 50 miles of trails that goes in and out of Swiss’s breathtaking valleys. While hiking in this park you can come across some of the wildlife animals like foxes and Alpine ibexes. 

4. Corcovado National Park:

Corcovado National Park in terms of biodiversity is referred to as the most biologically intense place on Earth by National Geographic. From sloths to Costa Rican Monkey and Caiman to crocodiles, the variety of species and animals that you get to see here is commendable and unbelievable. So, if you’re a lover of wildlife animals and want to meet such exotic animals then make your visit to this National Park.

5. Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park:

While the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is famous for its two active volcanoes: Mauna Loa, and Kīlauea, it is important for you to know that you won’t necessarily be seeing a volcanic eruption or lava flow during your visit to this place. Other than that a person can visit the Chain of Craters Road, Steam Vents or hike through the Kilauea Iki Trail to enjoy the full trip to this National Park.

Therefore, these were some of the best National Parks in the World that you can visit when you’re planning your next trip for National Parks. With national parks if you would like to know more about the animals that live in the rainforest, then head over to the next blog to know in detail interesting facts about them.

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