5 Amazing Animals That Live In The Rainforest!

5 Amazing Animals That Live In The Rainforest

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In the whole wide world where there are lion kings roaming around,  there are ferocious tigers lurking around and when there are king monkeys walking around, there are giant panda rolling around in the snow.

Believe it or not, the forest is filled with such amazing and strong animals that survives on their own in the wild rainforest. It is the forests that serve as the best place for shelter and food for such animals. So, if you would like to know some of the top amazing 5 animals that live in the rainforest then keep on reading..

1. Capybara:

Weighs more than a 100 pounds, Capybara is the largest rodent on Earth. They like to live in a fully dense vegetation that is surrounded by the water. They usually tend to leap in the water to hide from any of the dangerous predators that lurks around. Apart from that one of the most exciting facts about them is that they can hold their breath up to five minutes underwater.

2. Brown Throated Three Toed Sloth:

This cute slow-moving sloth weights for only eight to nine pounds and sleeps for 15 to 18 hours in a day. They live in trees and get their food from the leaves, twigs and fruits. These animals live in their home and doesn’t like to travel far away from home.

3. Okapi:

Also known as forest giraffe or zebra giraffe, Okapi is native to the north east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa. This beautiful animal and giraffe share a variety of the same features and are the only living group of the family Giraffidae. Apart from that one interesting fact about okapi is that they have infrasonic superpowers, which means that a Mother Okapi can communicate with their calves at a infrasonic sound at around 14 HZ in the dense forest that cannot be heard by humans.   

4. Golden Lion Tamarin:

They live in communities and are found in the rainforests of Brazil in South America. These beautiful and adorable looking animals have a golden silky mane (hairs) like that of a lion and feeds on small birds, fruits to even insects.

5. Tree Kangaroo:

Tree Kangaroos only lives in Queensland and New Guinea. They live in trees and eat leaves, tree barks, fruits, nuts and saps. When compared to the ground kangaroos, these animals have longer and broader hind feet, larger tails and sponge like texture of a gripping paw.   Believe it or not, all these different types of forests do help in becoming a shelter and home to millions and millions of animals. Whether they are fast runners or slow walkers it is the forest that gives them everything they want in order to live. Not only for animals but forests play a major role for humans too. So, if you would like to read what other important things forests helps us with, then head over to the importance of forests in our life article.

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