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Different Types Of Tribes From All Around The World
In a world where technology has made a huge impact on our lives, there are still a few groups of people who manages to cut off all the technology to live in these forests. Now life without mobile phones or
5 Best National Parks in the World
National Parks have a very calming nature in reality. You just go there and you feel all sorts of calmness and stillness in the air. It is so quiet and nice that you actually feel like staying there for a
5 Amazing Animals That Live In The Rainforest
In the whole wide world where there are lion kings roaming around,  there are ferocious tigers lurking around and when there are king monkeys walking around, there are giant panda rolling around in the snow. Believe it or not, the
The Importance Of Forest In Our Life
Forest plays a major role in our daily lives. They are the reason why animals and human beings are alive. They are the reasons why we can breathe fresh air. They are the reason why we have wooden furniture. They
Top 5 Most Beautiful Forests In India
India has some of the most amazing and peaceful forests in the world. From fluorescent green grasses to lovely pine trees, Indian Forests are one beautiful place that never forgets to shine its beauty of nature. Apart from having all
Top 5 Largest Forests in the World
No words can describe how beautiful and breathtaking the view of the forest lies upon the surface of the earth. These forests are beautiful and magnificent, but apart from that they are an important source of living beings. These forests
Different Types of Forests in the World
Forests play a big role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. It helps in giving shelter and food to millions and millions of animal species. These forests cover almost 1/3rd of the earth and are separated according to their
The Most Beautiful Forests in the World
“Camping in the most beautiful forest with an earthy smell surrounding you and your favourite country music playing in the background!” Sometimes it’s good to just take a moment and feel the nature that God has given you without any